At Suitable Strategies, we believe that everyone should be able to make financial decisions safely

Welcome to Suitable Strategies

Suitable Strategies is a financial behaviour specialist, combining hands-on industry experience with the latest academic insight to create tools and services for a new and dynamic regulatory environment.

Our flagship digital tool, Be-IQ™, helps providers and advisers make careful and accurate assessments about consumers’ financial capability, ensuring that products are suitable to individual circumstances.

Understanding financial capability reduces suitability risks for the industry, reducing the risk of provider mis-selling and of consumer mis-buying. Be-IQ™ provides a clear and effective way to assess suitability and financial capability, reducing brand risk.

Working with world-class academics and experts in the field of human decision making, Be-IQ™ measures levels of understanding and attitudes – including risk skill and financial awareness – using techniques rooted in behavioural science and measured against an annual UK-wide assessment of financial capability.

With Be-IQ™, anyone can know where to trust their own judgement and where they may need help. Harnessing this information is critical for firms looking to negotiate a regulatory landscape where the onus is on the industry to demonstrate that they are doing all they can to ensure the best possible outcomes for consumers.

UK at a glance (updated 2016)

of UK adults, that an attitude to risk tool would grade as ‘risk tolerant’, could have little understanding of what they are investing in
of UK adults don’t know what a SIPP is
of UK adults don’t know what an actively managed fund is

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is taking a tough stance on product suitability and financial capability. Banks, life companies, fund managers and financial advisers risk being hit with multi-million pound fines if found guilty of mis-selling to consumers.

Firms operate in an environment of mistrust, and risk significant reputational damage if they fail to understand their customers.

New approaches to assessing financial capability and product suitability, like those from Suitable Strategies, provide a real opportunity to help firms improve customer outcomes at the same time as meeting FCA rules and reducing brand risk.


Suitability doesn’t need to a regulatory burden – it can be an opportunity for growth.

more...Segmenting clients into capability clusters can generate opportunities around new product development and more
efficient marketing.